TowPay Merchant Application Guide

This guide will walk you through how to apply for your TowPay merchant account with Stripe.

Before you start:

  • You should have received an email with the invite to apply for your merchant account. The title of the email will be one of the following:
    • NEXT STEPS | Complete your TowPay Merchant Application!
    • NEXT STEPS | Finish your TowPay Merchant Application!
  • If you have a GMAIL account, the email may be located in your Promotion Tab. 
  • Have your banking details and business information ready, you will need this to complete the application. 

1. Head to the link in the invite email and begin your merchant application. The link will take you to Stripe who is the backend processor for TowPay. 

2. Provide the email address you would like on file for your TowPay merchant account and create a password.

3. Add your phone number and verify your account.

You do not need to save this code. Go ahead and click Next. 

Stripe Merchant Application 

Business details entered must match the legal registration document of the business. You can not leave any field blank on the application. Please enter the information to the best of your knowledge. 

1. Enter information pertaining to your business.

2. Type of Business - Entity Type

3. Business Structure

4. Legal Business Name and EIN

5. Industry Type (MCC Code)

  • The recommended MCC code to use is Transportation >  Other Transportation

6. Business Website & Product Description

  • If you do not have a business website you can enter your Yelp Page or Facebook page. You cannot leave this field blank.

7. Business Representative

8. Bank Details for Deposit

  • For easier input, click the button under the bank logos to enter details manually vs logging into your bank account. 

9. Customer Support Details

  •     The Statement Descriptor will be what. your customers see on their bank statement. Enter in your DBA (Doing Business As) 

For Shortened Descriptor, this is for mobile interfaces and allows 10 characters. Enter as much of your business name as you can. 

10. Verify the information for your business.

11. Submit Stripe Merchant Application!

Connected Account Agreement

12. You're all set!     

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