How to Process a Payment in Dispatch Anywhere for Desktop

This guide will show you how to process a credit card payment within the Dispatch Anywhere desktop application.

1. Log in to your Dispatch Anywhere desktop application.

2. Select the desired job that you need to make a payment for. In the job details, click the Credit Card icon at the top of the page.

3. Choose payment method 'Credit Card' or 'TowPay'. You will see the following options appear:

  • Capture payment with card reader (only applicable if you have a TowPay desktop reader registered)
  • Enter card information manually
  • Send customer payment link
    • You can send via email, text or both. 

4. The click "Take Payment"

  • For manually enrty, a new tab will open to enter in credit cards details:

  • For Payment Links, your customer will receive an email or text with the link to make the payment. 


5. Then click Pay and your Dispatch Anywhere software will update the ticket as paid. 

You're all set! 

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