How to Monitor Incomplete Link to Pay Transactions

This guide will show you how to monitor your Link to Pay transactions sent to customers that have not completed their payment. 

Before you start:

  • This guide is for customers using our integrated TowPay payments solution for credit card processing. Learn more at

What is a Link to Pay transaction?

A Link to Pay transaction is when you send a customer a link via email or SMS so they can complete their payment for their service. Since these transactions are not real-time, you may need to monitor transactions that have yet to be completed by your customer. 

1. Head to your Stripe dashboard here:

2. Head to your Payments Tab and under 'All Payments' use the 'Status' feature to filter 'Incomplete' transactions and click Apply.

3. Transaction in an Incomplete status means that your customer as yet to submit their payment for their service. 

We recommend reengaging your customer to complete their transaction. If a transaction is not completed within 24 hours, the transaction will be canceled and you must resend a new link. 

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